Changing businesses, changing minds

Employees are key in delivering organisational change, but to be on board they need to know why change is critical, and how they can play their part. We help clients articulate their change stories to achieve their transformational goals.

Employee communication principles

Be clear

Be clear about the strategy and what it involves. 

Be honest

Highlight the positives, don’t ignore the negatives. 

Be creative

Creative messaging will resonate more.

Be inclusive

Encourage participation, discussion and contribution.

We work with businesses across the UK and Europe, helping them to engage their internal audiences, communicate change and transform behaviour. Get in touch with us to find out more.
Change is inclusivity

When this major European bank embarked on a digital transformation project, they asked us to help them with their change story. We supported them on everything from Leadership communications to events.

Change is conversational UI

We prototyped AI-powered interfaces for a national pension provider, enablinga smoother and more efficient back-office experience.

Change is a new kind of ownership

When this leading UK Consulting business moved to an employee-owned structure, we helped keep their employees informed, involved and engaged.